Semster Wrap

1. Which parts of AP English III did you tackle successfully in the first semester? What did you do that facilitated your success? Honestly, I think had an above average year. Of course It could have been much better… Nevertheless, I “tackled” several aspects of AP English III this year pretty frick’n well. ¬†I posted blogs on a regular basis (Thursday night). The only reason I completed this task on a regular basis was because I didn’t want to do work any other day and waste my time. Group work was another area of AP English III, which I performed well. But my success was not due to my sole involvement. The other members of whatever group I was in made our success possible.

2. Which parts of AP English III left you feeling only partially successful? Why did you struggle? What will you do in the second semester to improve in these areas? Areas that I felt only partially successful were I major grades, specifically, written tests. Honestly I don’t know why I struggled. I read the needed materials and went online in order to delve deeper into the material. In the second semester I will try to take each major assignment much slower and more careful.


Civilization or Civil-zation

What does civilization me to you? Does it entail equal opportunity for all? Do it require that negative emotions to be repressed? According to Mark Twain, “Morally, it is the evil passions repressed, the level of conduct raised; spiritually, idols cast down, God enthroned; materially, bread and fair treatment for the greatest number.”

After reading this article about Mark Twain’s opinion on civilization, I was stunned not only because Mark Twain took a radical stance, but also because I began to thoroughly debate the ideas that he proposed. Twain stated that indee,d civilization has been a major component propelling the advancement of mankind forward. This is further supported when by the parallel structure “wonderful in scientific marvels and inventive miracles; wonderful in material inflation, which it calls advancement, progress, and other pet names; wonderful in its spying-out of the deep secrets of Nature and its vanquishment of her stubborn laws; wonderful in its extraordinary financial and commercial achievements”. Obviously when first reading these positive aspects of civilization, one begins to believe that Twain is praising the achievements of the conglomerate.

The next segment of this passage confused me because Twain began listing all the corrupt parts of society:¬†wonderful in its hunger for money, and in its indifference as to how it is acquired; wonderful in the hitherto undreamed-of magnitude of its private fortunes and the prodigal fashion in which they are given away to institutions devoted to the public culture; wonderful in its exhibitions of poverty”. After reading further I realized that Twain was simply being ironic in his shift of praising society to lamenting it. Twain’s sarcasm and ironic sense is shown by the constant repetition of the word “wonderful” at the beginning of each statement.

After thoroughly debating what Twain proposed, I came to the conclusion that although civilization validates acts of hypocrisy, the positive benefits provided outweigh the negative.