I have a pet

I have a pet cat. His name is Mew since that’s all he can say (don’t blame me for the name). Mew is a fiery red and orange shorthaired tabby and is considered to be quite “obese.” He nudged his way into my life thirteen years ago. When I was three, all I wanted was a cat but not just any old cat, a BLUE cat. After weeks and weeks of begging (I think. Honestly, it was such a long time ago that everything seems kind of fuzzy), my mother brought me to the College Station Animal Shelter. However, my pure and innocent childhood dreams of a blue cat were soon crushed, for the employee revealed to me BLUE CATS DON’T EXIST. Mortified, I stumbled around until I came across a blaze that caught my  attention. The rest is history (mostly because I can’t remember the rest). Ever since then Mew has been faithfully begging for my food at the dinner table. I only hope Mew will stay with me for the rest of my life in College Station.


B-O-O spells Oklahoma University

Recently, the University of Oklahoma has gained nationwide attention; however, this sudden surge of stems from infamy. Specifically, OU has come under fire for the OU branch of Sigma Alpha Epsilon yelling racist chants. The president of the University of Oklahoma, David Boren, acted swiftly and without mercy as he ordered the immediate expulsion of any SAE member involved in the incident; furthermore, he decreed the shut down of SAE branch in the school.

After reading various news articles and stories online concerning the matter, I would absolutely have to agree with Boren’s decision to expel various members of SAE. By displaying a stern face towards the situation, Boren delivers a message to the rest of his university as well as universities across the nation that any acts of racial intolerance shall not go unpunished. However, Boren took some extreme measures that I personally would not place. Namely, Boren’s decision to severe all ties with Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a action even I would probably not take. Although I understand his reasoning for trying to break ties with an organization that has been associated with racism, fraternities are a vital component of the college experience for students.

Events such this genuinely brings the subject of racism to the forefront of all citizens’ minds. This event without a doubt proves that strong feelings of racism still continue to thrive in the country. Normally, racism is an issue hidden behind curtains; it exists, but we choose to ignore it and refuse to acknowledge it. Therefore, radical actions such as the ones taken by David Boren should be taken in the face of racism in order to deliver of message of zero-tolerance.

100-word challenge

Although many people in today’s modern society are willing to dismiss standardized testing as purely a waste of valuable time that cannot ever be returned , I in my most humble opinion believe that standardized testing provides a more comprehensive and analytical view into the qualities and traits of the test taker, because standardized tests function by examining its victims through a series of questions from specific clusters or categories such as, algebra and geometry, the test taker will understand the exact type of question or questions they got incorrect; therefore, standardized tests are necessary to maximize the growth of students, for they display the weaknesses of a test taker.