This year…

This year has definitely been the fastest paced two semesters of school I have ever experienced. Nevertheless, I learned a multitude of new information. However out of that colossus of English, I found the most valuable experience to be learning how to annotate and how to think like a analytical reader. Before arriving in English III, I did not care about reading books for class. Don’t get me wrong I like reading, and I always read the assigned books. But that does not mean I really cared about the content of the novel. Simply put, I was a reader to only payed attention to the surface of novels. Rather than actively trying to ponder the meaning behind the words, I just read the words as quickly as possible, so I could finish it as soon as possible. However, my experience in English III has always taught me to ponder the meaning behind all the words in the novel. And if I do not understand what a certain part in a novel means, I need to market because there is a chance we will have a discussion later (and there will be grades assigned based on the questions we ask). And these discussions that we had in class were also memorable. I felt that they were memorable because it introduced me to a broader perspective of thought. Under normal circumstances, I do not think in the same fashions as my classmates; however, through the discussions in class, I learned to adopt new methods of thinking.

Once again this year has, without a doubt, been the most progressive year of English for me. I only wish that every year of English can be as engaging as this year was.


What is Transcendentalism?

What is Transcendentalism? Obviously it’s not a physical item, but is it a feeling? When does not act upon Transcendentalism?

It’s not an easy term to define or explain. And for the most part, I think it is a subjective topic. The root word of Transcendentalism is transcend. Therefore, to put it simply, I believe that Transcendentalism is the action of acting upon one’s moments of transcendence. Transcending is when one surpasses limits (of any kind); however, in this case, I firmly believe transcend means to surpass one’s spiritual, mental, and emotional limitations. Therefore, Transcendentalism is a movement that is based upon sharing with others what you specific moment of transcendence was like; furthermore, it also is a movement to help others reach transcended status. Of course, transcendence only occurs maybe a couple of times in a single person’s life. They are usually evoked by intense focus and contemplation on a single topic.

A specific example of transcendentalism in our modern society has occurred in multiple Disney movies. Most Disney characters reach a low point in the plot of the movie. They are left alone and given time to contemplate their situation. And in these instances these character go through a unique experience that connects them with a higher power, which in turn empowers them to overcome whatever situation they are in. This is most easily seen in the movie Cars.

This blog post is haaarrrrddddd…

My way of handling topics that call upon any amount of imagination is to form draft as ambiguous a writing as I am able to. This avoids any actual thought I would put in, which put all my focus on this task. Right now I am avoiding a symbol in my inscription toward this window’s top. Drawing upon so much thought to churn out such a difficult paragraph stops any possibility of actual quality writing. Sadly my writing will look sloppy and thrown onto this blog at my last opportunity.

Mr. L, I am going to ask for your pardon on this post. Obviously my work on this post is not of what you probably want from moi. You might look at this blog and think “wow this blog post has no point.” Although if you thought that I cannot turn down that claim, this pointless amalgamation of words is the most basic form to accomplish my task. I can only wish that you do not go through lost love following this post.