September 9th: the most important date in U.S. History

September the 9th not only happens to be my birthday, but also it happens to be one of the most important dates in U.S. History because it coined the term “United States” of America. I know hard to swallow right? America has always been American, but it hasn’t always been the “United States” of America. In fact before September 9th, 1776, the Americans called their newly formed country the United Colonies (way more lame than the United State btw). There’s something not quite right about the name though…. the United Colonies? If this new country was to be taken seriously it cannot still show ties with the British crown. As a result, Richard Henry Lee — a signer of the DofI, a patriot, a lawyer —¬†proposed to Congress a new name, a bold name. The Colonies must evolve into free and independent States. Logically, 13 angry colonies + Declaration of Independence = United Colonies. Furthermore, United Colonies X 10 = United States

Of course, there’s more than meets the ear to this tale. For of many of us, Richard Henry Lee is a complete unknown know; for others, a symbol of irony.¬†The Lee family was quite influential in the early days of the colonies (I couldn’t find any proper information, but I think he is Robert E Lee’s ancestor; REL was also from Virginia like RHL). ¬†Richard’s father was some servant of the King of England, so he grew up in a privileged life. Lee was brought up in England and educated in English institutions. Everything about this guy reeks English. But who would have thought that eventually this guy would name the country that would win a war against England?


Zen Pencils

Gavin Aung Than is an truly outstanding cartoonist. Basically, all his comics are illustrated quotes. This means that the words of the comic come from a person’s quote, and the quote is illustrated by Gavin into a story. It is all posted on a website called Zenpencils. I was browsing the website and found an interesting comic strip.

The strip I was looking at is called “Stonecutter” (you can find it here). It’s about persistence. I found it engaging because the art style was almost like a cartoon from my childhood. Of course, I can’t really remember was cartoon it was, but it still lights the fuse. Artwork aside, the comic was about trying to pull the mythical sword out of the stone. As most everyone knows, only the chosen one can pull the sword out of the stone; however, this comic took a new spin on the original tale. The protagonist in this story is not able to pull the sword out during this first attempt. In fact, he starts bashing a rock against the stone in the hopes that the sword’s holder would crumble. He does this a hundred times. Just as he is about to give up, a final swing is taken, and the stone breaks, freeing the sword. I interpreted this as a story talking about the importance of persistence and trying over and over again. Even though at first you may not be able to attain your goals, after attempting and failing may times, you’ll be able to achieve what you dream.

Of course, I talked about how delightful the artwork in this comic was. It was bubbly in times of happiness, somber in times of struggle, and shining in times of triumph. Personally, I found the protagonist’s facial expressions to be quite hysterical. It appealed to a more childish side of me. Moreover, each facial expression changed with each comic panel. It was never stagnant.

After hearing about how much I enjoyed Zen comics, you probably want to go take a look for yourself right?

What’s interesting

If you truly know me, you know how much I like soccer (futbol, football, etc. whatever your region of the world says). To me, one of the greatest aspects of soccer is the absurd amounts of money soccer clubs (soccer teams) are willing to spend in the transfer window, and this past transfer window broke records (and some bank accounts). The English Premier League which is the wealthiest soccer league in the world spent 859.25 million English pounds. Already, “859.25 million” sounds like a lot; however, it is hard to comprehend since English pounds are not a currency most American audiences are familiar with. To put that astronomical value in context, 859.25 million English pounds is equivalent to $13,256,509,000.00: Wow. 13 Billion dollars is more than some countries’ GDP (Gross Domestic Product): Caribbean islands, Togo, Fiji, etc. On top of that include another couple billion dollars that other top flight European soccer leagues spend in their respective transfer windows, and the result is ludicrous.

Of course, I have my personal opinions about this matter. My primary viewpoint is that this is a positive sign for the the sport. The more money leagues are willing to spend reflects the growing influence of the sport. Hopefully, as long as the sport continues to follow this trend, the influence of soccer will reach the United States. I admit Major League Soccer has indeed become progressively exciting, buuuuttttt I still want more. Good thing all the signs show that I’ll get more soon. Another point to add about soccer expanding its influence is its potential to act as a unifying institution. Soccer can bridge gaps between conflicting people and bring them together. But until then, I’ll wait for next year when 900.00 pounds are spent.

Check out this article:

What do I write

Writing is life. Literally any time I’m not doing English work, I’m writing something. And this year, I’m writing college application essays. Boatloads of college application essays. Boatloads of painful papers. Outside of the bane of my existence. I mostly write text messages and captions for Snapchat a lot. Mostly when I use captions for Snapchat, it’s to point a “stupid joke” or some colloquial nonsense. Personally, I enjoy being able write freely. Rather than be bound by the standard rules of English, these electronic mediums allow me to write without caring about the content (depending on who it is).

Aside from the people I text or snap, no one else really sees my writing. Sometimes (a lot times) that’s for the better. I mentioned before how writing serves a method to free myself from rules and regulations. I can type a sentence like this: ajlsdjf dsjoiji e lsjflak kaljfdl skjlaj e. And not really care. Currently, I am content with the amount of writing in my life, so the idea of adding more kinda hurts…But if I could invest time writing about one genre, it would have to be sports journalism. I love sports, and I love the technical talk behind it. So I had the opportunity to simply write about what makes a strong soccer team or who to pick for the NBA draft, I definitely take it. Although I may not enjoy the physical act of writing (it is very exhausting), I still appreciate the freedom it provides.