How to get ready for a new day in 4 steps


Alarm system (phone or actual alarm)


Toothbrush (preferably electric) and Toothpaste


Music playing device


Step 1: Getting out of bed

The night before make sure to set your alarm system for your desired time and place it across the room. As a result, when your alarm goes off in the morning, you will have to exert extra effort in order to reach it. Surely by then you’ll already be out of bed.

Step 2: How to stay awake

Staying awake is a struggle so after turning on the shower go brush your teeth and floss (repeat after breakfast of course). The vibrations from the toothbrush are just subtly enough to keep your eyes open.

Step 3: Shower

Once the shower is warm enough, place  a music playing device somewhere in the area and start playing music. Then, do your business.

Step 4: Getting ready for the day

Hopefully by this step you’ll already be awake and ready but if not go take a huge swig of hot coffee (the burn and the caffeine should really open your eyes).



You probably didn’t know Pope Leo the Great (Pope Leo I)

Who knew that the Huns invaded Europe? Who knew that the Huns even made their way to Italy? But as many of us know, the Huns did not stay in Italy. So who repelled them?

Pope Leo the Great.

Pope Leo born in 400 A.D. was the first pope to be called “the Great” (Wikipedia). He eventually climbed to ranks of the church and was unanimously elected Pope in 440. It would not be until 452 that Attila the Hun began to invade Italy. The story is poorly accounted for since only three representative (of course Pope Leo was included in that group) were sent to negotiate with Attila. An accepted theory is that Pope Leo begged so hard and so much that the Hun leader was so impressed that he decided to retreat. This theory does not make much sense to me because how would getting on your hands and knees prevent someone from wanting to invade your country? In fact, if that was the case, I would be more motivated to invade such a feeble country.

Another theory is that Attila retreated simply due to the fact that invading a country was not a smart choice given the batter conditioned of his army, a plague in northern Italy, and food shortages (ewtn). Obviously, this theory seems much more reasonable. Of course, I do not mean to take anything away from Pope Leo. He was truly an influential individual. His legacy lies in the creation of the Tome of Leo, which essential to the debates of Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon (Wikipedia). In the end Pope Leo the Great was not only an awesome diplomat but also one of the most affluent Popes in history.