How to get ready for a new day in 4 steps


Alarm system (phone or actual alarm)


Toothbrush (preferably electric) and Toothpaste


Music playing device


Step 1: Getting out of bed

The night before make sure to set your alarm system for your desired time and place it across the room. As a result, when your alarm goes off in the morning, you will have to exert extra effort in order to reach it. Surely by then you’ll already be out of bed.

Step 2: How to stay awake

Staying awake is a struggle so after turning on the shower go brush your teeth and floss (repeat after breakfast of course). The vibrations from the toothbrush are just subtly enough to keep your eyes open.

Step 3: Shower

Once the shower is warm enough, place  a music playing device somewhere in the area and start playing music. Then, do your business.

Step 4: Getting ready for the day

Hopefully by this step you’ll already be awake and ready but if not go take a huge swig of hot coffee (the burn and the caffeine should really open your eyes).



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