Painting and poems

My initial reactions to the painting are truly underwhelming. Glancing at this painting for the first time, I felt an intense sense of “why?” The painting looks like someone got really bored and lonely so he or she decided to use their spare paint and throw it, flick it, etc. at a large piece of canvas. In fact, I kind of thought that it looked like someone used a canvas for paintball practice. However after taking some time to really examine the painting , I relived the little details that went into the painting. If you closely inspect the painting, you will notice the various colors used in the actual painting. Instead of being a blob of random colors, the dots seem to complement each other.

The actual size of the painting would have a massive effect on how you would perceive it. There are unbroken lines of paint on the canvas, which indicates that the painter had to devise a system to allow them to paint without interrupting the flow of the painting. Also, I think that observing the this massive painting would make you feel slightly inferior because this meant someone was willing to paint of 54ftsquared of canvas.

Nancy Sullivan also had some opinions and reactions about the painting that she wrote into a poem. In the poem, I think that Nancy is simply trying to assert that there is no meaning behind the painting. All it is is simply paint. This can be supported when she say, “but just paint.”

I also think that Nancy Sullivan thought that the painting was a reflection of the painter’s mind or inner state. Perhaps the painter was conflicted when he wrote this? This can be supported when you states that the painting is “a mural of the mind.” But enough of Nancy reactions, you should see how you react to this painting.


5 thoughts on “Painting and poems

  1. Nicole April 8, 2016 / 3:30 pm

    I kind of agree with you that it looks like just a blob of paint, but if you delve deeper like you did I think it is still just a blob of paint. My reaction to the painting was that there could not possibly be meaning behind it. I agree with you that the poet also thought that it was just paint. I think that maybe it was a reflection of the painters mind, but also that it was meant to inspire us to contemplate our inner thoughts and troubles.


  2. ellenphant7 April 9, 2016 / 2:41 pm

    Hahaha I definitely thought the same way that you did initially. I could totally imagine recreating what he had done since it didn’t seem so difficult in the way that most famous artworks are (ie. Mona Lisa). But, similarly, I think the sheer size of the painting has the greatest impact. Also, the size of the painting also amps up the difficulty. I don’t think you have to completely agree with Nancy Sullivan’s analysis, but her poem is definitely food for a thought.


  3. thebaconator321 April 11, 2016 / 3:20 am

    I definitely think it looks like just a blob of random colors, as well. It seemed like no matter which way I looked at it, it just didn’t seem to mean anything or have some sort of significance. I could maybe take it it as the artist having conflicting thoughts or something like that, but other than that I just don’t know. Like you said though, I think the massive size of the painting has as much to do with its popularity as does the actual paint.


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