Creative Muscles are flexing

After spending a few days in upstate New York, I board a train to reach the city and catch a flight back home.

“Give me the box!”  a woman yells from behind my seat.

“Only if you give me the map!” shouts a deeper voice. More unintelligible sounds follow suit. Unfortunately, my nosy nature leads me to perform the “bend-down-to-tie-my-shoelaces-but-I’m-really scoping-out-my-surroundings-maneuver.” I quickly discover the source of all the unintelligible barking (and my entertainment) is a young man, who seems to be in his early twenties and an older woman, who is appears to be in her early sixties. The man seemed to be tightly holding a box to his chest. On the other hand, the woman was furiously rotating a map around in a steering wheel-like fashion. What.

“When the divorce papers come through that box is mine, so you might as well give it up now !” the woman bellows.

“This box is mine!” the man responds “the law can’t help you take what isn’t yours.” As expected more shouting soon follows. They don’t seem to notice my occasional glances, and the fact that I had been tying my laces for the past ten minutes. I use this opportunity to listen in more on their epic battle.

“As soon as, I figure out how this subway map works, everything you currently own and will own shall be mine!” a shrill voice declares. Unfortunately for them and me, one of the train conductors approaches them and asks them to quiet down for the sake of the other passengers (its unfortunate for me because they are my entertainment source). As I expected the couple or soon to be divorcees are still going at it harder than before. Despite the pleading of the conductor, both ignore his presence. Soon my entertainment is escorted off the train. As the train leaves the station, I can still hear and see the couple yelling. The man throws the box and the woman, so she pushes him off the platform and onto the train rails.



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