Orange and Yellow

Mark Rothko’s Orange and Yellow

rothko orange-and-yellow

What do you think of when you see this painting?

A big slab of orange and yellow?

A big waste?

A big block of color?

No matter what you see though, it’s correct. I think that paintings’ value lie in the eye of the beholder. What I see though is a mixture of colors. Also I note how the edges of the square are blended together. This painting lacks a defined structure. A quick Google search yields some information about the style of the painting. Specifically, this painting is classified as abstract. In fact, the search presented some information about the painter like his other works. What I was most surprised by was the other similar paintings he had like Orange and Blue. This obviously indicates some sort of story behind these paitings.

Perhaps Rothko was a struggling artist and needed to make some quick cash. He gave into his need for basic resources and abandoned his pride as an artist to create essentially blocks of color. From there some Avante Garde buyers wanted to have some unique art for their new studio. As a result, they quickly paid Rothko for his work. Rothko sensing an opportunity for profit began a mass chain of these paintings and has become a mogul of the abstract art field. Or perhaps not. This is just what I think the story could be.


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