Greetings to all the parents, brothers, sister, uncle, aunts, grandparents, cousins, friends, and friends of friends.

If you would give me the time I’d like to take a moment to talk about high school.

High school  is a place to spread your wings.

High school is a place to make new friends.

High school is a place to make mistakes.


Yep, I’ve made a lot of them, and I’m probably going to make a whole lot more in the future (probably after this speech). The point is that mistakes are common in high school. Mistakes allowed us to learn from our experiences, and that is what I think is the most important part about high school.

For really the first time, we were given a glimpse of freedom in the form of: Prom, Homecoming, driving, sports, etc. Of course, new opportunities lead to potential mistakes, but we took that experience and learned from it. You get a zero for forgetting to turn in a homework for biology, so you know now always write down tasks in a planner. Or you forget to cover your man in football and he slips away. Next time you’ll stick to him like glue. Perhaps coach thinks you free throws look like you are throwing a baseball.

My biggest mistake in high school was not taking it seriously. Freshman year I did not try at all. I did even know there was a text book for biology until the fifth six weeks. That’s at 210 days of biology I took without a textbook. And boy, did my grades and ranking show it. But like I said, mistakes are learning experiences. You can bet my sophomore year was buried in textbooks. But now as we move to another chapter in our life: the armed forces, technical school, the work force, state college, private colleges, and Ivy Leagues, you need to remember that once you leave high school mistakes are still okay. Just because you are not in a sheltered environment does not mean mistakes are now impossible to make. They will happen no matter how big like forgetting to show up to class for an entire semester or small like giving someone the wrong change. The concept still remains the same. Even when we all decide to become parents or proud dog or cat owners, we will want to instill the same values in our children. So if we learn to master them now, it will make their lives a whole lot easier.

Use your mistakes to learn.

What I leave you with is a message to never stop making mistakes and never stop learning.


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